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16 June 2019

The HolliesFrom an early age I knew they were good. Upon listening to them again when I was older I realised just how good. Syncopation and layering of themes distinguished them from the homogeneous sounds that were in vogue at the time.
The Moody BluesCombination of melody, romance and darkness. Features strong melodies and counterpoint melodies.
YesA dazzling array of colours. Bright spangly themes that shouldn't go together, but somehow do, very well, very well indeed.
Genesis (early)Textured, layered music that fuses contemporary with classical.
AmericaMelodic folk with a hint of jazz. Tunes that seem so obvious that you think you must have heard them before - but you haven't. This isn't light music though; there's a fair sprinkling of darkness. Despite the name it is also very English.
King CrimsonVividly black. This is just brilliant!
CamelWonderful evocative melodies
All About EveSumptious, sensuous and sensual.
Janis IanGreat songs. Great lyrics.
Peter GabrielRythmic, tribal. Sings with a feeling that others lost.
Steve HackettThe essence of early Genesis.
Pink FloydLaid back but highly textured. All the bits go together. Very clever.
Miriam StockleyNow this girl can sing!
Fleetwood MacLots of influences fused together in great songs.
The ShadowsVery memorable tunes. Sound simple - but they aren't.
The Church
Goldfrapp (early)Modern but strangely retro.
The Zombies
Wishbone Ash
Simon & Garfunkel
Barclay James Harvest
The Beatles
Judie Tzuke